Asuha Kusunoki
09 asuha

Japanese name 楠明日葉
Romanized name Kusunoki Asuha
Voice actor Mutsumi Tamura
Grade High School Year 3
Birthday January 18th
Star sign Capricorn
Blood type A
Extracurricular activity Going home club (Student council)
Species Human
Height 163 cm
Weight 51 kg
Catchphrases “Not diligent enough, I see.”
“Be honest to yourself, and sincere to others.”
Hobbies Meditation
Tea ceremonies
Favorite food Soba
Least favorite food Western food
Family members Father, mother, older brother, grandparents
Ideal people rose
In her spare time Prepares tea in the tearoom
How she relieves stress Meditation
Favorite phrase “Stand like a garden peony, sit like a tree peony, and walk like a lily.”