Fujimiya Sakura
10 sakura

“A girl with an elderly speech and conduct. She’s only reserved because she can’t be bothered to socialize.”

Japanese name 藤宮桜
Romanized name Fujimiya Sakura
Voice actor Kuno Misaki
Grade Middle School Year 1
Birthday March 27th
Star sign Aries
Blood type AB
Extracurricular activity Shougi club
Species Human
Height 149 cm
Weight 38 kg
Three sizes B77/W56/H80
Catchphrases “How troublesome…”
“S'that so…?”
Hobbies Going to the variety theater
Basking in the sun
Watching Taiga drama
Favorite food Soft foods
Least favorite food Hard foods
Family members Dad
Little sister
Ideal people Shogi player
A cat that lives on the engawa
A sloth
In her spare time Drinks tea on the engawa
How she relieves stress Goes to the hot springs
Favorite memory Going to the hot springs in Fugyo with her family
Favorite phrase “S'good, isn’t it?”