Hasumi Urara
15 urara

“A bubbly little devil with a super cute smile”

Japanese name 蓮見うらら
Romanized name Hasumi Urara
Voice actor Uchida Maaya
Grade Middle School Year 3
Birthday February 3rd
Star sign Aquarius
Blood type B
Extracurricular activity Swim club
Species Human
Height 150 cm
Weight 38 kg
Three sizes B82/W54/H80
Catchphrases “Don’t you think Urara is cute…?~”

“Heeey~ Pretty pleease~”

Hobbies Idol research


Collecting information about others

Favorite food Marshmallow
Least favorite food Natto
Family members Dad


Older brother

Ideal people A successful idol

An idol who is also part of Hoshimori

An idol who can fight

In her spare time Researches information about idols
How she relieves stress Dances and sings at karaoke
Favorite memory Going to an idol concert for the first timeGoing to an idol concert for the first time
Favorite phrase “Make your dreams come true!”
A secret she'd never tell In 5th grade, she entered a Pretty Girl Grand Prix, but was disqualified from just the document examination stage… Since then, she hasn’t entered any other contests because of the trauma she suffered. However, she doesn’t know that the only reason she lost was because her submitted documents were invalid.