Hinata Minami
11 hinatan

Japanese name 南 ひなた
Romanized name Minami Hinata
Voice actor Igarashi Hiromi
Grade Middle School Year 1
Birthday April 15th
Star sign Aries
Blood type O
Extracurricular activity Softball club
Height 141 cm
Weight 35 kg
Three sizes B76/W55/H74
Catchphrases “Hey hey, listen, listen~!”

“Yay, yaay~!”

Hobbies Talking

Thrilling amusement park rides (Rollercoasters, freefalls, waterslides, swing rides, pirate ships)

Bug collecting

Favorite food Omurice
Least favorite food Green peppers
Family members Dad


3 Older Sisters

2 Older Brothers

Ideal people Wakaba Subaru


Professional softball player

In her spare time Plays catch with her big brothers
How she relieves stress Talks
Favorite memory Listening to the singer at her first concert
Favorite phrase “This is fun!”
A secret she'd never tell She secretly puts on her older sisters’ clothes and makeup and pretends to be a grown-up. Even though she wants to look more mature more than anything, she doesn’t tell anyone because of her undeveloped figure. However, she can tell her older sisters this just fine.