Sendoin Kaede
12 kaede

“She’s a self-centered princess-type, but she tries to make up for it by doing her best.”

Japanese name 千導院楓
Romanized name Sendoin Kaede
Voice actor Kido Ibuki
Grade Middle School Year 2
Birthday December 24th
Star sign Capricorn
Blood type A
Extracurricular activity Art club
Species Human
Height 154 cm
Weight 42 kg
Three sizes B78/W55/H76
Catchphrases “Ah, good day to you.”
“W-What is that…?”
Hobbies Studying the food of commoners
Museum tours
Favorite food Instant ramen
Least favorite food Food that's eaten with chopsticks
Family members Father
older brother
younger sister
In her spare time Goes horseback riding
How she relieves stress Takes a walk around town
Favorite memory Receiving a present from Santa
Favorite phrase “Good day to you.” (She likes how elegant it sounds)