Kougami Kanon
17 kanon

The clever and impulsive charismatic idol

Japanese name 煌上花音
Romanized name Kougami Kanon
Voice actor Hondo Kaede
Grade High School 2nd Year
Birthday August 28th
Star sign Virgo
Blood type AB
Extracurricular activity Track Club
Species Human
Height 157 cm
Weight 43 kg
Three sizes B85/W55/H83
Catchphrases I'm not done yet! // Come on!
Hobbies Dance, model making and running
Favorite food Dried Bonito Flakes
Least favorite food Gross looking food
Family members Father, mother, little brother and lizard
Dream for the future To win a gold medal at the Olympics
Ideal people Kunieda Shiho, her mother and stray cats
In her spare time Practices dancing and singing
How she relieves stress Dancing until exhausted
Favorite memory Getting rescued by Shiho
Favorite phrase "No guts, no glory"
A secret she'd never tell It's a secret to the person, but all the letters and accessories that I got from Shiho are stored in their own strongbox. The key on my necklace is for that strongbox. Kanon called it, "the nostalgic key"

Along with Shiho, Kanon is a student at Kanadenomiya Girls School. She's also part of the idol unit f*f.

Personality Edit

Kanon is often described as a tsundere, meaning that she hides her true feelings being harsh towards her crush. Her teacher, Aoi, said that she's the type that goes for what she wants alone. Based on her bio we can say that when she sets a goal she goes for it doing her best, sometimes pushing herself too much.

Favorite gifts Edit

Item Cost Affection
Military Watch 9,000 +1600

Cards Edit

A list of Kanon's current cards. Please edit when a new one is released

Card Rarity Type
* Twin Bullet
**** Twin Bullet
**** Blade


**** Twin Bullet
**** Blade Cannon
**** Twin Bullet
**** Spear