Kurumi Tokiwa
06 kurumi

Japanese name 常磐 くるみ
Romanized name Tokiwa Kurumi
Voice actor Hayami Saori
Grade High School Year 2
Birthday September 30th
Star sign Libra
Blood type AB
Extracurricular activity Chemistry club
Height 158 cm
Weight 46 kg
Three sizes B91/W62/H89
Catchphrases “What is that..?”
“Sniff sniff, smells good…”
Hobbies Reading
Favorite food Vegetables
Least favorite food Meat
Family members Dad
Dream for the future To become a botanist
Ideal people Mom
In her spare time Works on her backyard garden
How she relieves stress Tends to her flowers
Favorite memory Traveling with her mom
Favorite phrase “A frenzy of blooming flowers” (A metaphor for an emergence of many talents all at once)
A secret she'd never tell Until two years ago, she thought that electricity was generated by a giant electric eel. That was what her father had taught her. Even now, she can imagine a bunch of eels wiggling around at the power plant.