Nozomi Amano
04 nozomi

Japanese name 天野望
Romanized name Amano Nozomi
Voice actor Nao Tōyama
Grade High School Year 2
Birthday July 7th
Star sign Cancer
Blood type O
Extracurricular activity Tennis club
Species Human
Height 160 cm
Weight 44 kg
Three sizes B86/W54/H84
Catchphrases “That looks suuuper chic!”
“Style comes from the heart!”
Hobbies Reading fashion magazines
Checking the latest fashions
Watching quiz shows
Favorite food Beef stew
Least favorite food Mayonnaise
Family members Dad, mom, little brother, little sister
Ideal people Mom
Famous designers
In her spare time Goes shopping
How she relieves stress Goes out in her favorite outfit
Favorite memory Going to see her mom’s brand displayed at a fashion show
Favorite phrase “Style comes from the heart!”
A secret she'd never tell She always goes on about how she’s the master of advice, but she’s never even experienced real love for herself. She still hasn’t had the feeling of truly falling in love. That’s what she considers her only weakness.