Renge Serizawa
08 renge

Japanese name 芹沢 蓮華
Romanized name Serizawa Renge
Voice actor Yoshino Nanjō
Grade High School Year 3
Birthday June 26th
Star sign Cancer
Blood type B
Extracurricular activity Gymnastics club
Height 166 cm
Weight 52 kg
Three sizes B93/W60/H90
Catchphrases “Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it!”
“Yaaan~ Cuuuuuute!”
Hobbies “Proportion” managing
Girl watching
Favorite food Strawberries
Least favorite food Garlic
Family members Dad
Older brother
Ideal people Kusunoki Asuha
A cute girl
A ballerina
In her spare time Does calisthenics
How she relieves stress Gives love to a cute girl
Favorite memory During a gymnastics tournament, she was surrounded by a bunch of cute girls
Favorite phrase “Cuteness is justice”
A secret she'd never tell “I just don’t care for ballet anymore,” she claims to everyone. However, the truth is that she still regrets leaving it. The real reason why she quit ballet was due to frustration, and so Renge always feels like she “ran away” from it.

Renge is rarely serious; she acts carefree and mischievous most of the time, but she is a good mentor to her comrades in critical situations. She is never afraid to speak her mind, and she is frequently flirting with the other girls and trying to grope their breasts.

She used to be a ballerina. She acts like she does not care about the fact that she dropped out, but she secretly cares a lot; she left because things became stressful, but she enjoyed being a ballerina. Renge feels like she was running away from it.