Subaru Wakaba
02 subaru

“A versatile and sporty tomboy”

Japanese name 若葉昴
Romanized name Wakaba Subaru
Voice actor Sakura Ayane
Grade High School Year 1
Birthday May 4th
Star sign Taurus
Blood type A
Extracurricular activity Soccer club
Species Human
Height 157 cm
Catchphrases “Let’s go all out!”
“Please leave it to me!”
Hobbies Looking at cute clothes
Watching soccer games
Going to the gym
Favorite food Macaroon
Least favorite food Pickles
Family members Dad, mom, little brother
In her spare time Plays with her little brother
How she relieves stress Does tomoe nage on little brother
Favorite memory Being helped out by Asuha
Favorite phrase “As long as you keep your chin up, there’s nothing you can’t do!”
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