Michelle Watagi
13 misheru

Japanese name 綿木 ミシェル
Romanized name Watagi Michelle
Voice actor Katou Emiri
Grade Middle School Year 2
Birthday June 3rd
Star sign Gemini
Blood type O
Extracurricular activity Handicraft club
Height 145 cm
Weight 39 kg
Three sizes B84/W56/H78
Catchphrases “Mumi~…”
Hobbies Knitting
Playing with stuffed animals
Favorite food Pancakes
Least favorite food Spicy food
Family members Dad
Older sister
Ideal people Stuffed bunnies
The princess of Stuffieland
In her spare time Plays with stuffed animals
How she relieves stress Surrounds herself with stuffed animals
Favorite memory Going to France for the first time as a child
Favorite phrase "Mofumofu"
A secret she'd never tell She regularly has nightmares about the Irousu managing to destroy all of the Hoshimori. As the dreams become increasingly more lucid, she fears that they might come true.