Yuri Himukai
05 yuri

Japanese name 火向井ゆり
Romanized name Himukai Yuri
Voice actor Uesaka Sumire
Grade High School Year 2
Birthday August 14th
Star sign Leo
Blood type A
Extracurricular activity Kendo Club
Height 148 cm
Weight 38 kg
Three sizes B72/W55/H79
Catchphrases “Don’t call me little!”
Hobbies Ironing

Going to festivals

Dog walking

Favorite food Ochazuke
Least favorite food Tacos
Family members Dad


Older Sister

Little Sister

Ideal people Miyamoto Musashi


Righteous Hero

In her spare time Visits shrines and temples
How she relieves stress Irons clothes
Favorite memory Winning against dad in a Kendo match
Favorite phrase Suppress yourself enough, and even a fire can become cool.
A secret she'd never tell She drinks a lot of milk in hopes of getting taller, even though it’s bad for her stomach. Her reason for this, in her own words: “I want to become a real hero!”